Tuesday, January 19, 2010

2009 Blog Review and Highlights

In 2009, this blog had the privilege of having over 6,300 visitors with over 12,000 page views.  Having just started in late December of 2008, I was pleased and want to thank all who stopped by for a peek and of course all of you who might be so bored that you feel compelled to follow the ramblings of a somewhat deranged Towboat Captain on the "Mid-West Coast".

There were a total of 99 posts in 2009 and I recalled the top four which I felt were the most fun for me and seemed to be visited the most.  There is no order in these selections, there was no vote - (only mine) and they have no particular meaning other than to take up space on this post - -.

#1 - January 18 - Classic Lady - - Down  A story about the sinking and loss of a Classic Chris Craft cruiser

#2 - May 2 - BUI- Boating Under the Influence - Recipe for Arrest - This somewhat "tongue in cheek" story kicked off our BUI tows for the season which turned out to be quite numerous.

#3 - May 25 - Be Careful What You wish For! - This really fun story, which actually had its roots in a post back on April 25th (Who you gonna Call - COON BUSTERS)  told the tale and lead to the "movie" about the "removal" of a Raccoon from a boat.  Yup, we don't get out much here in Missouri - - it was also the rise and fall of my brief movie career - -:(  Please hold the applause until the end of the post - -

#4 - July 7 - Negotiation 101 - A Blond Story - This story depicts a typical day for one of our boat captains and details some of the hardships he must endure - - - - - - - -  yeah - right -


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