Sunday, January 17, 2010

From the ICE PACK to the "RAT" PACK

As typical with Missouri,  we experience a RAPID temperature fluctuation, from 9 degrees below "0" and single digits with the lake frozen over, less than a week ago!   Now temperatures getting in to the mid-50's and the Ice is beating a hasty retreat.  To celebrate the end of our "short" "iced in" season, Laura and I decided to host an evening "get together" for our Captains, their families and guests.  We had several desserts, pastries and drinks.  This included a "Rum" cake, small cheesecakes, coffee and "WASSEL" which is a spiced (not "spiked")  heated drink made of Orange Juice, lemon Juice, Apple Cider,  simmered with sugar and a bag of spices containing Cinnamon, Ginger and Cloves;  a tasty and warm drink which blends well with a cold evening.   There was significant Ice still on the lake and NO boating traffic, so NONE of us were on call - - As is the case when you put 5 Towboat Captains together, Sea (lake) stories start rolling out, with one more hilarious than the last - - We have a fair sized house with numerous places to sit - - but the evening was spent standing around the kitchen island next to the dining room.  There also happened to be a large bottle of "RonRico" Silver Label RUM which was used in the "Rum" cake and it was never returned to the cabinet - - - Again - through some mystery - - the RUM found its way in to the "WASSEL" which seemed to lead to MORE stories - - As the evening ran on - it was suggested that we take a "group" picture - - by this time most of the guests and wives, declared there was NO WAY they were going to stand up and be photographed with these guys - - many were still trying to wrap their heads around some of the "Stories" they heard for the first time that evening and may have been having "second" thoughts about what "really" goes on out there - -   so, in the end we are left with only the RAT PACK, grouped together for a PHOTO OP and the end of a fun evening.

PHOTO by Laura:  Back Row, left to right, Captains Charlie Meyer, Dave Anderson, Dwayne Johnson
Front Row, Captains Delton Jones and Tim McNitt

Editors Note:  For those of you who might have a question - NO boater was harmed during this event.
There were designated drivers all around - and a good time was had by all -!!!  (I think) 

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