Saturday, April 25, 2009


Well,  just when you think you've heard it all - - - A few evenings ago, I get a call from one of the Water Patrol Officers, who asked if I was at home?  Unfortunately I was not, I asked him what he had going?  They had just received a call from a woman who was trapped on her cruiser by a very angry RACCOON!!  It was at the 11 mile mark, just directly across the lake from my house and where I keep the 27ft RAIV TowBoat.  They had no officers anywhere near the area and thought if I was home, I could zip across and help the damsel in distress!  I checked with one of the other captains who was on the water, but he was 20 miles away - - - -.  I had to contact the Water patrol back and advise them that we couldn't help - - .  I got to thinking - "now how would you write that one up"?  I also thought  - wait a minute - the guys with the guns - and a K-9 - want us "tow guys" to go up against a P O'd coon who has taken over a cruiser for the summer!  There's something just not right about that - - - - -   WE HAVE DECIDED TO ADD "CRITTER CONTROL" TO OUR LIST OF SERVICES - - - - - "WHO YOU GONNA CALL"????????

Editor's note:  We're going to see if AMY's PROMO's  can provide the "Coon Buster" logo (shown on RAIV pict above) for any of you other guys that may be looking to expand your services - - - -

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