Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Negotiation 101 - A Blond story

Captain Jones operates primarily out of our Osage Beach port which just happens to be a short hop from the "infamous" Party Cove".  So, for the most part, he gets the majority of the calls from Party Cove, which often are BUI related.  Since he is a single guy, going in to this "Wild & Crazy" place on a holiday weekend sort of suits him O.K.  Party Cove calls are usually a problem, the customers are generally drunk, they 're upset because someone in their group has been arrested and they have to "pay" to be towed to a safe mooring or their dock.  So we catch the flak, in addition, we learned our lesson a long time ago, when it comes to these calls, we get our money up front, before they get anywhere close to land or they will "jump ship", take off or argue with you at the dock.  But, once in awhile, things don't go so bad - -  So begins our story - - On July 4th, Capt Jones gets a call to pick up a BUI tow in the "cove", who's female operator has been arrested, leaving two other young ladies aboard to pay for the tow and take custody of it once it was at the dock.  Needless to say these two "blonds"  were also more than a wee bit above the .08 limit themselves.  Capt Jones made a command decision to bring them aboard the Towboat-- for their safety, - - as he was afraid he might lose one of them in the rough crossing to the marina - -. As this was not the good captain's first day on the job, he proceeded to obtain payment for the tow from the two ladies.  Much to the Captains surprise, they managed to come up with the CASH (from exactly where in the small bikini's were a little fuzzy on).  Cash in hand and in pocket, Capt Jones prepared to carry on with the tow - - the ladies, however had another idea, they NOW wanted to negotiate???    For a DISCOUNT????  At that point they proceeded to "flash" the now, very amused, Captain and THEN demanded TWENTY bucks back!! - - - - All they got back was a big GRIN and perhaps a lesson in Negotiation tactics - - - - -:)

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