Saturday, May 2, 2009

BUI - Boating Under the Influence - Recipe for Arrest

You really know the season has started when you get your first BUI tow of the year - 
YuP, you take one of the first 1/2 way good Saturdays, hit the marina bar, add about 10 of your friends, Drink hearty!  Pour into your  38 ft Wellcraft Cruiser, cast off - - - Add 1 Water Patrolman who has stopped you for an unrelated reason, stagger from the helm of your vessel and begin shooting mouth off,  Add another Water Patrolman,  Add one more for good measure - - and just to prove you haven't been drinking, shake your finger, shoot your mouth off some more and PRESTO - - you're invited aboard the patrol boat with the help of three officers and get to blow in the little gizmo and  - YOU GET A BUI -- - duhhhh.  Oh yeah, as the operator is cuffed, placed in PFD and is departing, one of his "buds" suddenly becomes a "Sea Lawyer" (after all he just passed the bar exam)  - - He begins shouting big words at the patrolmen like - "lawsuit" he also takes a shot at their mother, then shows his grasp of a large vocabulary of expletive's deleted and  - - -YEAH - YOU GUESSED IT, HE TOO GETS TO GO ON A FREE PATROL BOAT RIDE WITH COMPLIMENTARY JEWELRY (Shiny Bracelets) AND A VERY BIG GERMAN SHEPARD - -  

Photo's:  Top - Approaching, BUI boat on left with two Patrol Boats, the third has already departed with the operator who flunked field sobriety test miserably!
Middle - Merry passengers, just before being told to don PFD's and not sit on rail - -
Bottom - Our "Sea Lawyer" in his TYPE 1 PFD, heading for jail, (not shown, very big K9 sitting directly in front of "lawyer", staring at him - - :0
Disclaimer:  The terms "sea lawyer" & "lawyer" are used only as "tongue in cheek" descriptions, related to this story only and do not describe any one person or profession as a whole - - - wow!  what do you think of those weasel words!!!

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