Monday, May 25, 2009


Just one month ago, I posted a sort of joking :) post titled,  Coon Busters.  Well guess what??

YUP- I guess you reap what you sew - - - Sunday, the Water Patrol was AGAIN called about a RACCOON taking up residence on a small boat at the dock.  The Mom and her three girls were startled by the critter who was grazing around just outside their back door, then walked down the gangway and proceeded to board their 24ft Runabout.  The Water Patrol had more pressing business on a holiday weekend then to remove a raccoon from a boat, so GUESS WHO STEPPED UP TO THE PLATE!!  YOU GOT IT - -  TOWBOATU.S. / COON BUSTERS!!!  After all, if your gonna hang out your shingle - -  you better back it up - - Sooo - Myself and my trusty crewman Kirk - set off on our safari - - (remember that recent post, where I said we should be getting smarter in this business - -  well  - -     See for yourself -   (the critter evacuation actually took over 20 minutes to achieve)

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RESULT:  Kirk sustained a real good "goose egg" bump on the head  - during our brave retreat, when he hopped on the back of the boat and hit his head on the dock roof.  Capt Meyer - Is re-evaluating his entire business operation and considering a 2nd retirement before being committed.  Water Patrol Officer Sanders - Actually radioed dispatch with the following:  "Jeff City - 1275, Regarding the complaint call, Raccoon on boat, The raccoon has been removed from the vessel with a STERN verbal warning" !  

FOR ALL YOU TREE HUGGERS,  (Thats RACCOON Humor), No animal was injured or harmed in the making of this film - - - :)

AT LEAST, TO TOP IT OFF, WE GOT THE JOB TO TOW THE BOAT TO A MARINA FOR REPAIRS - - SO I GUESS OUR NEW ADDED SERVICE ISN'T SUCH A JOKE AFTER ALL - - - o.k. you guys out east at Safe Sea can stop laughing now - - -  we'll take the job any way we can get it - -

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