Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I'm thinkin one "bass boat" wake and we got trouble!!

One of our local residents has several of these that he brings out on special occasions and events (this one was @ "Shootout", with heavily enforced "no wake" area).  
I believe this is about a (circa 1962) Amphicar.  
Conceived in Germany in the early 1960s, Amphicar Corporation sought to fulfill a burgeoning recreation market, primarily in the United States. Amphicars were manufactured beginning in 1961 and sold in the U.S. until 1967. Of the approximately 4000 vehicles built there are estimated to be about 900 remaining today, many of which are “parts” cars helping to keep the rest of the fleet running and floating. Only about a hundred are thought to be road and water worthy.  There are some local articles around about these cars, I'll try to dig a few up in the future - - 

"JUST" A THOUGHT - - If your were to get a BUI in one of these, would it also be a DWI ?? - 

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