Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Lake of the Ozarks "SHOOTOUT"

The water was really boiling Saturday and Sunday with "Lake of the Ozarks Shootout", lots of big guns came together to be awarded some "TOP GUN" bragging rights at this years "Shootout".  The weather was cool for the 21st annual Lake of the Ozarks Shootout featuring some of the best drivers and fastest speed boats from across North America. All competing for the coveted title of “Top Gun.”  You can find some great photo's and stories about the "Shootout" at LAKE EXPO.COM, even two of our towboats showed up in the photo mix.  (Sunday, Sunday, Sunday photo gallery)  Captain Jones had our 20 ft Whaler Towboat helping to keep the spectator boats in the safety zone for both Saturday and Sunday.  We volunteer at least one boat and captain to the event.  He was also available to take calls from stranded "spectator" boats as well.  On Sunday I spent a little time at the event with the "Point Young"   Some "picts" from the "Shootout" as seen from the "dash cam" of the Point Young.   -
Note:  DAVE SCOTT, 2009 "TOP GUN"  196 MPH  see story & some stats  HERE


Capt. Richard J. Rodriguez said...

Don't ya worry about the carbon footprint of those bad boys?

Charles Meyer said...

Richard, I am sure they make a some contribution to the greenhouse gases produced over a VERY short period of time - -However, given the amount of time (and money) spent on "fine tuning" these babies, I am willing to bet there is more environmental impact from a classic cruiser. - - - Charlie

Besides, the Carbon Footprint from all the "shine" "stills" and "crack houses" here in the Ozarks is more like a STAMPEDE then a "footprint" - - -- - - :-)