Wednesday, September 2, 2009

"TUG" Boatin!

I can't speak for everyone in this business, but one of the things I like, is you never know what challenge awaits you each day.  I never wish for anything bad, but there are times when you think - - now that would be interesting to get a "towline" on someday - - well, after about 6 or 7 years one of my "thoughts" partially came about.  The 80 ft  'CELEBRATION" is the lake's largest climate controlled motor yacht with a 150 passenger capacity. (click here for info). Captain Mike and his crew run a well maintained and "tight" ship.  At events like last weekend's "Shootout", their passengers are treated to a "super" grandstand view from the second deck, good food and a friendly and accommodating crew.  We often help the Celebration to set anchors and maintain station at these events.  Last Saturday, "murphy" paid her a visit when her starboard shaft sheared the flange bolts and separated about 2 inches, leaving her on one shaft for the 17 mile trip back to port and mooring with a rather stiff breeze.  Capt Mike is a seasoned and experienced Captain and unlike some who might "wing" it, he was not above asking for a little "stand-by" assistance in mooring which would provide an extra margin of safety - "just in case" - Murphy paid one of those "last second" calls - - - .  We met the Celebration at the entrance to her cove and "escorted" her to her mooring.  Mike then asked us to provide some "pusher" service on her port side to help overcome the wind off her starboard quarter and once she was lined up - -  a shove sideways, amidships.  The below 3 minute video from our newly installed camera system (just hours before) show us "tugboating"  her to final mooring.  (trying to work the bugs out, to get rid of the "squashed" look of the picts, but you'll get the idea).  Like I said - just a few minutes of this kind of work is worth the wait for some of us "boat drivers" - -- 

Editor Note:  I have no doubt that Capt Mike could have done quite well on his own without assistance - - I applaud his asking for it and providing his passengers with extra assurance (and giving me an opportunity to play "tug" captain - - -!!!  :)  


Capt. Richard J. Rodriguez said...

The pucker factor goes up considerably then there are millions on the hip.

Charles Meyer said...

Richard, You are most right! I have the upholstery on the helm seat "Double Stitched" to keep from being "sucked up" during simialr moments - - -:) Back in the Day, I got to bring in some 110' plus commercial fishing "Draggers" with a USCG 44ft Motor Lifeboat (44318) w/ twin Cummins 200 h.p. V-6's. These boats swung "huge" props and could pull just about anything - - (125 ton towing capacity) --even so, there was still a MAJOR PUCKER factor with one of those "Draggers" on the hip - - - but THATS what we live for - -!!! :^0