Thursday, August 6, 2009

SEA STORIES & - What - ? NOT a member ??

Things have been rather uneventful since last post on Monday morning.   Capt Anderson took a little trip to the 41 mile mark from the Linn Creek Port on Monday evening and took the folks to their home at the 47 mile mark.  I always get a little nervous when we have to send a boat all the way up there without an escort, there's NO cell service and it's sorta like running up the Amazon river, what, with marauding bands of natives in canoe's, pirates and numerous unknown and undocumented species of critters - - you can't be to careful - - Nearly 2 hours had gone by and I had not heard from Capt Dave :(  (I made a quick check to be sure the insurance on the TowBoat was paid up)  I considered putting together a search party when he finally checked in  - safe and sound, back in port :) - - - - He reported having witnessed some VERY unusual things up there - - The rest of the week has been routine.  The "Point Young" went in for her surgery yesterday afternoon at PRO-BOAT MARINE -  "Doctor" Wes, got all the parts in and will "operate" today.  Last evening around  2200 hours we finished off with a BUI tow from the 28 mile mark which Captain Dave and I shared - still a little shaky from his "up-river" experience and the boat had to go to its home dock 3 miles up in the Glaize arm, I met Dave around the 25 mile mark and relieved him of the tow so he could go home and pull the covers over his head - - - YUP  this is scary stuff - -ubetcha!

PHOTOS - Top & second - Capt Dave's description of Monday evening's trip up in the "40's" - as described to the company shrink after his de-briefing - - "So much for patient/client privilege

Bottom - Unfortunately for this guy he wasn't a BOATUS member - - - FOR "YOUR" PEACE OF MIND CLICK HERE

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