Sunday, August 9, 2009

Weekend update - BUI's & Bachelor Retreat?

Weekend of August 7-9 went by rather smooth with over 6 routine tows and 3 BUI's.  Capt Dave is still having an occasional nightmare from his "forbidden zone" experience, but we think he's gonna pull through - - .  Our BUI tow numbers have already exceeded last year by 27% and it appears we might exceed our 2007 count of 45  - These are NOT records I wish to be breaking, and I am not sure exactly what drives these numbers as there are so many variables in our getting a BUI tow.  I do believe the boating traffic is much higher than last year (fuel prices?) which can account for some - - -, let's hope for a slow down or even better a stop - - -.  One of the highlights of the weekend was a "bachelor" retreat - Two of the boy's that have helped us out both at the "Pumpkin Farm" and here since they were about 13, hosted a "retreat" here for one of their good friends who is getting married soon.  Todd Fischer & Steve Mueller have been picking up my slack for some time and often come to the lake to crew for me.  Guess these boys don't get out much if their idea of a fun time is crewing on a towboat!  It was great for me - -!! Never had so much great help on the job, plus when we would roll up on a strand, it looked like a "swat team" coming alongside - -  think we kinda scared a few customers, but it was sure great on the BUI's -- -.  This group of friends consisted of "Heavy Equipment operators, Firemen, Paramedics, Divers, brick layer & concrete specialists - -  THERE WAS NO TASK WE COULDN'T HANDLE LAST WEEKEND,  If anyone needed to be fitted for concrete shoes, we could cover (or recover) the entire spectrum!!

PHOTO'S  - TOP - My "swat" crew returning a boat that had been impounded.
BOTTOM - The Bachelor "retreat" crew - the "groom" is at the helm (center)   

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