Monday, August 3, 2009

Semi-quiet weekend - HST's, BUI, & PARA-SAILING

This past weekend was not quite as hectic as last, which allowed us to run some calls and get in a little family time.  Friday we impounded a "drift away" 4 WINNS for the WP, we will be trying to locate the owner, send out certified letters and wait until it is claimed.  Saturday started slow which allowed us to take  a "Cruise" with our grandson Blake and his girl friend Sarah who visited for the weekend.  They will be leaving for college @ "OL MISS" in a couple of weeks.  That afternoon picked up a stranded BoatUS member for a short tow followed by another strand near-by for a routine 4 mile tow to repair facility.  Sunday morning started @ 0220 hrs with a BUI tow on a 26 ft Landau with 9 POB up the Gravois Arm after their operator had been arrested.  At 1000 hrs, Blake and Sarah took a  "super" PARASAIL ride with TOPGUN PARASAIL, Lake Ozark, (573 365-6675), my fellow Captain Bryan, picked us up at the dock and Laura and I rode along and took some great pictures, (Laura's were great, mine were ehhhh -).  Early in the afternoon, ran 6 miles up the Gravois for a "Tri-Toon" pontoon and hauled them back to "Franky & Louie's" at the 10 mile of the Osage - - (HST).  Then finished off the day with an evening HST, a  28ft Howard CAT from the 22 mile to the 14 mile and docked in 26 minutes - - (average speed for tow was 27mph)  all in all, a fairly good weekend with some fun mixed in - -

Photos - Top - Laura and I enjoying a morning "Cruise" with Blake and Sarah (Bus driver's holiday) , 2.  Blake & Sarah @ the cruiser helm.  3.  TOPGUN PARASAIL arrives  4.  Blake & Sarah "take off".  5. Howard "CAT" in HST for the 14 mile. 

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