Tuesday, May 12, 2009

And on to Vietnam- -

Back on the March 8 post (A Shipload of Boats), I described how the 82's were loaded aboard ships for transport to Subic Bay, Philippines. 
Depending upon where the ships carrying the WPB's departed from, the trip to Subic Bay took over 3 weeks.   The first load of 82's arrived on 17 June, 1965.  They were unloaded and began outfitting and training.   On July 10, 1965 they were divided in to Division's  11 & 12.  On or about 17 July, 1965 the first group of cutters set sail for DaNang, Vietnam.  They arrived on July 20, 1965 and just 4 days later, the USCGC POINT ORIENT, exchanges fire with the Viet Cong ashore, becoming the first Coast Guard Cutter in combat since World War II! - - They were still displaying their state-side white paint !!

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