Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Chemistry 101 - Fuel Vapors + ignition = BOOM!

In the proverbial effort to save the nickel (todays economy = $20+?), self made backwater Marine Mechanics, (sometimes described as husband, son, boyfriend or other) in an effort to show their "frugal" side will often take on tasks that defy reason.  (We're all guilty) In this case, we "suspect" water in the fuel tank, so lets not go to the expense of sending the boat to a professional, (don't even consult one).  Lets take one small boat on lift @ dock, with various electrical connections plugged in, including battery charge, add small electrical pump, bring along a container, (maybe a plastic jug) for the fuel your going to "pump" out and proceed toward furthering your new found career in the Marine industry, after all "how hard can this be - - - - -"             As you watch the rapidly developing fireball approaching and feel a sudden surge of heat that removes a major portion of your eyebrows and gives you an instant sunburn,  you begin to think about making a very RAPID CAREER CHANGE! 

Outcome = No injuries except some hair and pride - lesson? - YUP

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