Monday, May 4, 2009

How do you say BUI in German - "Henry" the Water patrol's K9

In the previous post "BUI", I mentioned the "Large German Shepard".  I was referring to "Henry", the Missouri State Water Patrol K9, who along with his handler, Sergeant Randy Henry are stationed here at Lake of the Ozarks.  In 2006, the water patrol needed public support to help fund and support a K9 for the Lake area.  The duties would include on water Law Enforcement, Drug detection, missing persons and so forth.  With the help of numerous businesses, the CG Auxiliary and generous individuals it was made to happen.  Late in 2006 Sergeant Henry was paired with his new partner "Henry" (names were total coincidence) and attended the Police Dog Academy for weeks of rigorous training.  During the Memorial Day weekend of 2007, Sergeant Henry brought "Henry" by for a visit and to thank us for supporting the program.  (See article in the  September 2007 Issue of BoatU.S. Magazine )  "Henry" was young and still a "rookie" he was constantly in training.  The Sergeant had "Henry" demonstrate some of the things he was learning for our grandson Ryan and explained that he responded only to commands spoken in German!! - - "Henry" is now a seasoned Water Patrol veteran who lives to be on the water with his partner - - since his last visit, he has filled out and is very intimidating when he is assigned to keep an eye on you.  PHOTO'S BY LAURA MEYER

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