Sunday, March 8, 2009

Squadron One - A "SHIP" Load of Boats!!

As stated, in an amazing 12 days after the cutters were ordered to be deployed, they were being loaded on Merchant vessels in various ports.  The total number of 82-foot Coast Guard patrol vessels attached to the Squadron was twenty-six, each manned by eleven men, including two officers. Division 11 (nine 82-footers) operated to the south out of An Thoi, Phu Quoc Island. Division 12 (eight 82-footers) patrolled out of DaNang to the north, while Division 13 (nine 82-footers) patrolled in the central area out of Cat Lo, near Vung Tau, about 40 air miles southeast of Saigon. Divisions 11 and 12 first arrived at South Vietnam on July 29, 1965. Division 13 was added months later, arriving at Cat Lo on February 22, 1966." The photo's show how some of the 82's were loaded aboard Merchant Vessels bound for Subic Bay, Philippines. There they would stage, add additional outfitting, and run sea trials, prior to sailing to Vietnam. (click on photo's to enlarge)

AUTHOR'S NOTE:  (Confession) Historical correction.  The top photo was "photoshopped" to appear as the Point Young (82303) for a power point program I put together about the Point Young, it is in fact the POINT MAST (WPB 82316).  It was stationed in Long Beach, CA and shipped to Vietnam in JULY of 1965.  I just changed the numbers - 

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