Monday, March 14, 2011

LOST & FOUND - (It may have been the camouflage?)

This little 1989 Center Console Wellcraft decided to take a trip on its own around the first of the month after some heavy rain and wind shook it off it's lift.  Adrift, partially sunk and reported to the water patrol, we were called in to pump it out, pick it up and locate the owner.  This little boat had an interesting "paint job" (Urban Camouflage)  which closely resembled camouflage painting of WWI warships and Troop Transports.

"Razzel Dazzel" was returned to her owner this week
SEE MY POST of last February RAZZEL DAZZEL! - War Paint? for more details on early "Stealth" Paint jobs.  The camouflage and the wild painting of ships in WORLD WAR I, (1914-1918) was used to confuse enemy submarines, an article in "TwistedSifter" also talks about the father of "Dazzle Camouflage".  Its a  great article with some super photo's (entire TwistedSifter article can be found HERE). 

"RAZZEL DAZZEL" Painted WWI Troop Ship

Editor Note:  Thanks again to Capt Richard Rodriguez, BITTER END  BLOG for the original Razzel Dazzel  links

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