Monday, February 15, 2010

Razzel Dazzel ! - "War Paint"?

To say it has been a slow month+ would be a MAJOR understatement - In fact, if things were any slower - we would be going BACK in time - -  this time in February last year, we had run over 10 cases, including 3 sinkers - - - so far THIS year - 1, yeah, - 1 drift away PWC - -!  Murphy's Law in this business ALWAYS applies - I guess I could step up to the plate and take credit, as I have preached time after time during the life of this BLOG; Keepeth thy lift blown up,  Checketh thy boat, Tie thy boat off,  Don't drinketh and boateth, and so on.  I would like to think the dismal writings of an obscure Rescue Boat Captain might have that much effect - - - but we ALL know better.  So at the risk of becoming TOTALLY unemployed, I shall continue with these misguided musings - - - - -.  Which brings us to our story for today:

RAZZEL DAZZEL - War Paint for Boats and Ships -?  Both on and off the Battlefield of BOAT RACING - Razzle Dazzle paint jobs seem to be the norm, in fact, you could probably find that some of these guys who do this type of "art"work think THEY are on the cutting edge of something new and unique  - -  Don't flatter yourself boys - -  Your about 90 plus years behind the curve - -  YUP -

Earlier this month Capt. Richard J. Rodriguez  posted an interesting article on his "Bitter End" Blog,
titled "Early Stealth Ships" relayed from a more lengthy post by TwistedSifter concerning the "Art" of camouflage and the wild painting of ships in WORLD WAR I, (1914-1918) to confuse enemy submarines, it also talks about the father of "Dazzle Camouflage".  Its a  great article with some super photo's (entire TwistedSifter article can be found HERE).  Below is some "Cutting Edge" from almost a CENTURY ago!! 


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