Tuesday, June 8, 2010


JOB SECURITY? - In most businesses, one would like to think they are "somewhat" secure in their job.  Marine Assistance on Water Tow Companies are no different.   Our business is tied to many factors, including, current national and local economics, weather, recreational boating, disposable income and other factors, ONE of which I would prefer to be LESS secure in.  BUI TOWS!  Though it makes up a very small part of our business - - - WE would like YOU to help us become slightly un-employed - -.  This past Sunday afternoon/night we had 3 BUI related tows scattered over the lake. (Big Niangua, Gravois Arm and 37 mile mark Main Channel) - - DO YOURSELF A FAVOR, DESIGNATE A CAPTAIN, BEFORE WE have to provide one for you!!

+ This -
= THIS (or worse)

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