Sunday, June 6, 2010


The weekend after Memorial Day is usually fairly quiet, but not without incident - we started this one out with the unfortunate sinking of a nice 36ft Cruiser's Espirit at the dock.   Cause of sinking is yet to be determined:
Cruiser, partially raised and supported by two (2) 6,000 lb lift bags on each side about to be pumped out.

Quite a bit of oil leaked out of the main engines on this one, but was contained inside the cockpit and by oil sorb pads deployed by salvage crews.
As of Sunday morning we had logged in several routine cases and 1 BUI tow.  We also trailered and held this little PWC for the Water Patrol while they tried to sort out a few facts:
This little wave runner was found just before dark, against the shoreline on the Little Niangua with the motor still running,  the responding Water Patrol officer had to wade in to get to it.  After some investigation and the "owner" located,- - it "appears" the operator may have struck something and was unloaded from the PWC - - "kill" switch not attached - the little PWC found itself pushing against the shore in back of a cove some distance from the "owner" who was calming his nerves with the aid of contents of an aluminum can.  This incident could "probably" be logged under BUI, but for now - - the story is placed in the "stranger than fiction" category - - - :) 

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