Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Calm - Before the storm -

Yesterday (Tuesday 6-8) started with these nice ladies trying to take their grandson/nephew on a short boat ride before the storms hit - - unfortunately they found themselves stranded near our Port #1 at the 11 mile mark, with what they thought was no fuel only a short distance from where they started from.  They called us to the rescue for fuel, which was NOT the problem, so I quickly towed them home just before a "Frog Strangler" downpour!  They wound up with a short ride, but the young boy thought the whole thing was VERY exciting!  His parting words to me  were:  "We'll be calling you again to tow us in - - -"!  :)

Meanwhile - Captain Johnson stayed active (and pretty dry) near the 30's and 40 mile marks, towing in a stranded BOATUS Member with a fouled prop and then recovering a "drift away" 2005 Odyssey Pontoon Boat for the Water Patrol near the 41 mile mark. He somehow managed dodge between the storms and get home without being drenched - - - (He gets crabby when he gets wet)    :-0

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