Thursday, April 1, 2010

Think about taking another boater in tow @ night? (or any other time)

COUNTERPARTS IN RHODE ISLAND - SAFE SEA - Just posted this on Facebook - - "Ever thought about taking on a quick tow of another boater, just to help out? Here's a chilling story that might make you want to think twice. There's no winners in this one... everyone's either dead or scarred for life." - -

The Miami Beach man charged in an October 2006 four-boat accident that left two dead and six injured has been cleared by prosecutors.
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NOTE:  Licensed professional Assistance Towing vessels are required to have and use additional lighting as prescribed in the "Navigation Rules" when engaged in towing.
In addition, most  "Assistance Towing" tow vessels will also display a "public service" light or beacon which should display an alternating "Red" and "Amber" light such as a "Rotating Beacon" and today many towing vessels may display a high intensity "strobe" light with alternating Red & Amber flashes which can also be seen in daylight.  (As described in Nav Rules, Annex V, 88.12 "Public Safety Activities") 


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