Sunday, March 28, 2010

The TAX man cometh - -?

A major portion of last week was spent in determining ownership and responsibility to salvage and recover a 45 ft Sea Ray 450 that had sunk and grounded in its dock.  Vessel supposedly sunk in the dock back in February, flooding the entire vessel from bow to stern until it came to rest on bottom.  The lake water level was higher in February causing the entire lower cabin and Engine Room to flood over most of the twin diesel motors and generator.  Lake Tow LLC and Atlantis Dive, with the cooperation of the Missouri State Water Patrol, was  able to determine the vessel was financed by a major bank and a certain Federal Agency was also looking to seize the vessel as part of an on going investigation of fraud and money laundering.  On Wednesday morning we received the "go ahead" to salvage, un-ground and deliver vessel to the Federal Agency ashore for haul-out and transport to Government Property storage and ultimate sale.
Vessel flooded and grounded due to low lake level
Interior cabin flooding
Engine room flooding, main cause of flooding was frozen generator sea strainer bowl as valve was left open and strainer bowl fractured due to freezing and vessel took on water.

Recovered vessel in tow, escorted by Atlantis Dive Salvage Vessel "Nautilus"

Vessel delivered to shore by TowBoatU.S. and Atlantis Dive, LLC

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