Monday, March 8, 2010


The BOATU.S. Press Release this morning came at a rather interesting time as all the Academy Awards are being played out in the media.
At the recent Annual TOWBOATUS conference, my company; TowBoatU.S. Lake of the Ozarks, had the privilege of being awarded "Tower of the Year" by BOATU.S.  I accepted the award for the company from BoatU.S. Vice President of Towing Services Jerry Cardarelli.
I had no idea it was coming and I did a poor job of thanking those responsible for the award, so I will take a minute to do so.  First, this award could not be possible with out the efforts and dedication of a great group of Captains who make this happen: Capt Delton Jones, Capt Dwayne Johnson, Capt Dave Anderson, Capt Tim McNitt and of course my wife Laura, who sometimes acts as "dispatcher" and fields calls.  She also watches any plans she may have for dinner, or a day out, go out the window on a regular basis, and somehow puts up with the phone ringing @ 2:00a.m. yet, she is still married to me - -.  Laura and I attended the recent Virginia conference in the company of Captains Delton Jones and Dwayne Johnson along with part time crewman Todd Fischer.  
We are all very proud to be part of BOATU.S. Towing Services and thanks to Jerry Cardarelli,  Adam Wheeler,  Richard Schwartz, Chairman of BOATU.S.,  Bill Oakerson, CEO  and Nancy Michelman, President  and the entire BOATU.S. Team.

Accepting the Award from Vice President of Towing Services Jerry Cardarelli. (right) 

Left to right - Arlington, VA, January 2010,  Crewman Todd Fischer, Captain Dwayne Johnson, Captain Delton Jones (who looks like the cat that just swallowed a canary) - Laura, (who has just probably learned something about me she shouldn't know from Jones and Fischer)  - These guys are hard to control - -


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