Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Queen is Dead - "Long live the Queen"

Saturday, March 6;  After a two month "vacation" and a rather unusually cold and long winter, things broke loose yesterday with sunshine and temperatures near 60 degrees.  Of course the Lake water temperature still remains quite cold at around 37 degrees - but things are starting to happen.  As typical when the temperature begins to rise - the results of the "freeze/thaw" cycle begin to become apparent resulting in some unfortunate consequences.  Yesterday brought on the "Death of a Queen", an old 32 foot steel hull "River Queen" houseboat met her fate and slipped below the surface, nearly bringing the owner's dock with her.  Her stern now rests on the bottom, as she awaits recovery and disposal later this morning.

"River Queen" rests on the bottom, her demise was the result of neglect, no bilge pumps, engine hatch had not been opened in over a year and of course - No insurance -

Captain Delton Jones, TowBoatUS (right) and Captain Steve Coursey of Atlantis Dive, prepare to deploy 160 ft of oil boom around the vessel while arrangements are made for salvage and disposal.

Boom off nearly completed, she will be raised later  this morning

TowBoatUS / Atlantis Dive LLC -

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