Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spring Break - 2010

Things are still pretty slow and winter is refusing to die off here - We had a couple of sunny 60 plus degree days that then turned back to 40's, cloudy and sprinkles.  The slow time is not without rewards - -
Our Grandson Ryan from Overland park, KS is spending part of his spring break with us and yesterday, Ryan and I took a "guy" day and drove to Fort Leonard Wood, MO to tour the base and check out the Fort Leonard Wood Museums, which include:  A collection of World War II barracks that show military life at Fort Leonard Wood since World War II.  Static field displays of military vehicles, aircraft, tanks and YES even BOATS!   The John B Mahaffey Museum Complex contains museums for three Army branches – Engineer, Chemical and Military Police. There is also an authentic and complete World War II company area available for a walking tour.  The displays are really great and each museum has its own unique gift shop.  Ryan and I spent several hours there and really enjoyed it and learned a lot.  WELL worth the time.  Of course we have to show a couple of "Boat" pictures to keep on track:

Ryan with a 31ft PBR.  In March of 1968, the 458th Transportation Company was attached to the 18th Military Police Brigade for the purpose of providing port and river security in South Vietnam with patrol boats.  The PBR's four crew members usually consisted of an engineer and operator from the 458th and two MP's from 18th MP Brigade.  Records indicate their were about 39 Mark 2 PBR's in use by the MP's in Vietnam.  

Ryan with a USCG 41ft UTB (Utility Boat) constructed at the Coast Guard Yard in Baltimore, Maryland, from 1972 to 1979.  In 2008 these sturdy "workhorse" boats began to be replaced by the response boat-medium over a 6 to 10 year period.  This particular "41" was stationed in New York.  The sad fact is, these were the "new" boats over 1/2 way through my Coast Guard career - - - -

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