Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Weekend UPDATE (7/10 -12)

Last weekend was fairly busy with several routine tows, along with two (2) BUI tows.  On Friday, Captain Dave Anderson (Linn Creek Port #3) helped some folks recover their swamped PWC and we picked up a fire damaged PWC from one of our previous stories back on May 20. "Chemistry 101 - - -"  The insurance company decided they needed to take a look at it after nearly two months?

Saturday began with a "light" Salvage job in The Gravois Arm.  A fisherman reported a nearly submerged PWC floating nose down in Mill Creek cove.  The Water Patrol requested our assistance in recovering the 7ft 1986 Kawasaki ski.  My two Grandsons, (Blake & Ryan Dubinski, Overland Park, KS) came along to crew for me.  With the help of the two Patrol Officers, and some come along's, we were able to wrestle the heavy little machine aboard Point Young.  Minus it's hood, with no other apparent damage, the officers felt fairly confident that it had not sunk as a result of an accident.  They made attempts to locate the owner, but the phone numbers were coming back no longer in service.  So the "paperwork" was filled out and we took custody of the "ski" and headed home.  (Looks like I'll be the proud owner of Kawasaki in about 30 days) OH JOY!. Our next job came in @ 5:00 p.m. with a BUI arrest on a rental Pontoon boat in Party Cove. The operator arrested, and the three remaining persons aboard unable to drive, the Patrol took the keys and had us pick them up and tow them the 16 plus miles back to the rental port. Those folks got a hard lesson in PARTY COVE economics - -.  Dropping off that tow, we proceeded about a 100 yards and picked up a waiting "engine failure" pontoon tow @ Lazy Gators for a 6 mile tow to Mill Creek cove (again) in the Gravois Arm.  While we were on that call, Captain Jones assisted a disabled boater @ the 22 mile mark out of our Linn Creek port for a short haul to the 19 .5 mile mark.  The evening remained quiet until we were called out @ 2240 hrs for another BUI arrest near the 18 mile mark.  The operator of the 26ft Mariah was taken in to custody, leaving the wife and a friend, (who's husband was passed out below), aboard, for the 10 mile journey back to their dock.  IF we can provide an operator for the BUI vessel, we try, as it is less expensive for the owner, (our meter is running the entire time the towboat is underway) and towing the 26 footer @ about 8 mph as opposed to running it @ 25 to 30 mph home, makes for a more reasonable ending with less chance of "sticker shock".  I elected to pick up Captain Tim McNitt at a nearby dock and he could pilot the vessel home.  These situations can sometimes be a little 'dicey", running an unfamiliar vessel at night with less than stable passengers aboard can be a challenge, Tim reported things went well for the most part, once he convinced the ladies to NOT wake the "sleeping giant" in the cabin - - - he had enough on his hands without worrying about what this guy might do - - -.  Since the two "gals" spent the better part of the trip arguing with each other, they pretty much left the good Captain alone to concentrate on following me and maintaining  a good lookout. - - -

Sunday was washed out by weather early and most of the "touristos" headed for home, leaving us with some quiet water and a little family time.  Laura, Greg, Blake, Ryan and myself took a nice quiet cruiser ride around the area for a little R&R - -


Top - Approaching our "light" salvage job - the two Water Patrol officers are attempting to get the "ski" far enough out of the water to read the HIN - -

Middle - The PWC  finally aboard "Point Young" after a little wrestling

Bottom - Grandson Ryan standing by while Water Patrol officer fills out the "custody" paperwork on the PWC.


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