Friday, July 10, 2009

July 6 & 8 Update

On Monday made a run to "Dog Days" to pick up a  24ft "Four Winns" for an 11 mile tow back home.  Tuesday proved to be a bust with no calls, Wedensday started off with a 18 ft Bayliner 10 minute HST across the lake at the 1 mile mark for haul-out by the owner.  Followed immediately by a 16 mile run to pick up a 19ft Bayliner with a spun prop for a 6 mile tow home.  Upon arrival @ home port, backed out and proceeded about 100 yards for a fuel drop for a 20 ft Regal that had run out of fuel.  Back to port and then out again @ 2200 hrs for a BUI pontoon 7 miles away. Operator had tested just a fuzz over the limit, No arrest, but Water Patrol did not want them operating vessel, so they were towed to their dock.

Photo's:  First is 24ft Four Winns on the string Monday.   The second photo requires some explanation:  Our counterparts @ SafeSea in Rhode Island are always bragging about their High Speed Tows (HST's).  Case in point is recent post by Captain Pete Andrews, "A Major Advantage of Membership" not to be outdone, we also provide HST's here as seen in some of our previous posts.  This blurred photo shows an 18ft Bayliner in a HST across the lake on Wednesday morning.  Unlike our RI boys, OUR HST's are so FAST they can barely be caught on our high speed, laser guided, digital, infrared, highly sophisticated, perhaps even top secret, on -board camera system - - - - -or - - -  maybe the TowBoat Captain (C.M.)  grabbed the "Brownie Instamatic" (back-up camera) and only got one shot off in the 10 minute crossing and has nothing else to show for it - -  (I kinda like the first explanation of the lousy shot, maybe the RI boys will think their falling behind)?   - doubt it

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