Sunday, July 19, 2009


'Rockin'est Boat Party of the Year -  Boats began rafting-up before noon, July 18, for the biggest boat concert of the summer at "Dog Days" at the 19MM.  MarineMax of Lake Ozark, the lake's exclusive Sea Ray dealer was the host of Aquapalooza.  Missouri's own country girl, Candy Coburn  on her signature green guitar was the headliner. The Phins, Disco Dick, Outlaw Junkies and Change of Heart also provided music entertainment for the afternoon.  It's a tough job sometimes, but  - -  somebody has to do it.  Myself and Captain Dwayne Johnson were available for calls during Aquapaloosa, we stood-by to assist as needed.  For the most part, things went pretty good, Capt Dwayne had to wind his way thru the maze of boats and "raft-ups" and pluck a disabled 26ft Sea Ray out of the mess for a 3 mile tow to the "Marine Max" service dock.  With a steady breeze, (10 - 12) knots and a deep water anchorage, most of the "raft-ups" were having a hard time maintaining station which lead to several "close-calls" as a raft of 20-30 boats would drag anchor and drift down on the string of boats behind them - -  ahhhhh - job security - I found a little slack time to play "water-taxi" , picking up a passenger off a rafted 36ft Regal and taking her to Dog Days to pick-up her parents and two youngsters and bring them back out to the boat - - - Unlike our counterparts in other areas, we strive for QUALITY :-))  NOT QUANTITY - - - YUP  :-)
PHOTOS:  Top, coming alongside Capt Dwayne to plan our "strategy" for the afternoon -
Bottom:  Approaching my Water Taxi "fare" (or should I say "fair")  - -  "GOD" " I love this Country"  

 - - -     SEE THE LAKE SUN LEADER ON-LINE STORY for more details and more photo's on LAKE EXPO.COM - - -
Editor's Note:  After our story "Negotiation 101 - A Blond story" of July 7, we had a huge *surge of "job applications and resume's", one particular short resume came from a character on the West Coast, boasting he had a "GPS" and would travel all the way here to "help" us out with some of our "Quality" jobs.  We are sorry to inform you that all our current positions are filled and we have no openings at the present time. :-()  *(what a crock)

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