Thursday, May 28, 2009


When things are right and conditions warrant, you can do what we refer to as a HIGH SPEED TOW.   Many of our counterparts throughout the industry have been doing it for some time.
(Note:  see this post from Capt Pete Andrew's blog at SAFE SEA, Rhode Island - Capt Andrews made the following quote regarding this method:  "With their light weight and hull shapes that are designed to plane at the lowest speeds possible, modern non-displacement powerboats up to 30' or so tow much better on step than in displacement mode". 
We can sometimes do the same thing here - I was called yesterday by the Water Patrol to pick up a 2007, 23 ft SEARAY that had overheated and needed a tow back to the dealership marina, a 16 mile tow.  The weather was perfect, overcast, but no wind, the lake was calm (FAC) and there were NO big cruisers out and no wakes.  So I hooked up and the Fire-Boat took the owner to his condo and away we went.  I made the trip in just over 30 minutes and once on plane, we were smoking down the lake @ 30.5 mph!  This was with our twin 200 h.p. 24ft Justice Class, Boston Whaler towboat.  The customer got his money's worth as the hourly charge was reduced and I got home quick - - DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME - and on this lake it can only happen once in a great while - - 


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