Thursday, May 28, 2009

Meet the amazing Willie Harris -

Sometimes strange things just happen, maybe its luck, maybe its just conditions, but occasionally you get a situation that sort of defies reason and may be a bit comical.  Willie Harris is a local businessman who repairs and reconditions appliances.  He purchased a 17ft Bass Boat and took it out fishing for the first time a few days ago.  On Tuesday, he and a friend launched at the local public access and proceeded out for an afternoon of fishing.  The holiday traffic gone, the lake was calm except for an occasional cruiser.  Shortly after arriving at their first stop and landing a very nice bass, they noticed an unusual amount of water in the boat - -.  The level kept rising and they put out what equates to a MAYDAY call here on the lake.  Water Patrol dispatched an officer to the scene, stating there were 2 POB, vessel was sinking near the twin islands, and they had managed to get vessel to shore on rocks - -.  I monitored the call and was much closer than the officer, so proceeded to the scene.  When I arrived, I found Willie and his friend standing on a rock outcropping, looking a little bewildered, while their boat laid alongside, with a fair amount of water inside - -.  As I was near some very dangerous rocks, I had them hook up their boat and check the water depth next to the rocks which was deep enough to let me slide alongside and bring them aboard.  They scrambled aboard as the Water Patrol arrived and we took the boat in tow to dewater it and headed for the launch ramp.  It wasn't until Willie was standing next to me at the helm that I noticed  - HE WAS NOT EVEN WET!  THERE WASN'T A WET SPOT TO BE SEEN ANYWHERE ON HIM! - How can your boat be swamped, you scramble to shore awaiting rescue and you don't even get wet! - -  "He laughed and said " I don't wanna get wet, 'less I HAVE to"  Willie was most happy to be picked up and most complimentary of our prompt and efficient service - a very refreshing customer.
Note:  I hate to add to his misfortune, but the proverbial "PLUG" was gone, along with the plug in the stern "live well", which sorta explains where ALL THAT WATER came from - -

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