Saturday, May 2, 2009


AND THE WINNER IS  - - - THE ISLAND !!  This (previously) nice 24ft Chaparral with 3 persons aboard, left one of the local watering holes last night, it was a dark moonless night, turned slightly left, and SMACKED something verrry, verrry hard - - .  One of the Twin Islands -  at the 8 mile mark.  In spite of sustaining serious injuries,  They managed to back off, and return to the marina a mile backtrack on moonless night and get in to a slip where EMS met them.  Two were flown out, one in critical condition, the other serious, the operator impacted the steering wheel, and the passenger's seat was torn from its brackets - - - - .  The Water Patrol had us pick it up and tow it to ramp where they could haul it out.  We had stand-by pump rigged and aboard, but with slow tow it took on minimal water - - -This is very similar to the Chaparral from July of last year (see Dec 13, 2008 post)  - - LOOKS LIKE THE BOATING SEASON IS OFFICIALLY OPEN - -

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