Sunday, January 25, 2009


Off season, but still going -
Two of the 10 Boating Commandments - should be "Check Thy Boat & Thy Lift!"
Friday, the owner of this nice little Triton pontoon boat, requested I pick it up and return it to its home slip - - seems last week his boat lift leaked down and the bargain brand 1/4 inch mooring lines didn't hold her and this pontoon boat decided to take a little cruise on her own!  It drifted nearly two miles and came to rest on a small island.  The Water Patrol picked it up and towed it to a near-by Marina and notified the owner.  Told him to call us if he wanted it taken home- so  - - dropped the "Point Young" in the water & headed out.  No drama, just a routine pick-up and tow = job security - helps pay the bills -  On Wednesday, we head for the C-PORT and TOWBOATU.S. Conference in Destin, FL  Be back in February - - -

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