Monday, January 19, 2009

"BULLI$H" Market for Sinkers

Well - this may be a "Bear" market economy for most of us - but with the rapid fluctuation in our local temperatures over the past week or so - single digits one day and 50 to 60 deg plus the next, it seems to have caused a run of "sinkers".  Course it's "rocket science" if you leave your big boat in water, (we all know they don't leak) don't plug it in to shore tie - as all batteries last forever, neglect it for a few weeks - months - especially this time of year, and then wander down on the dock to find your 41 ft Formula Cruiser with 3 feet of water in it from bow to stern - - - - - - gee, who'd a thunk it!  In this case the sea valve to the generator was left open, the strainer bowl froze and broke open, resulting in WATER LEAKING IN TO THE BOAT!!   Bet THATs never happened before - - - - - - - - - -

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