Monday, February 17, 2014


February 17, 2014

The Captain Larry Don, Steel Hull, built in 1948 by W.A. Strutman;  Larry Don is 62.3 ft long with a beam of 24ft.  She was discovered sinking some time earlier today.  Harsh winter conditions, icing and old age probably combined to seal her fate.  Salvage and Recovery plans are still unfolding and may take some time.  In the 1950's the "Larry Don" was configured slightly different: See photo and Casino Pier ad below:
1957 Casino Pier Ad
Sometime in the early 1960's the "Larry Don" was re-configured and became the "Captain Larry Don"
With these changes, the USCG approved the "Captain Larry Don" to carry up to 240 people.  - - It was advertised as "The Biggest Party Boat on the Lake!" Sometime in the mid-2000's the Captain Larry Don lost its certificate to carry passengers for hire and was "mothballed" (for lack of better term) at it's moorings.  According to News Media - The Larry Don was purchased by the owners of Beavers at the Dam last year, with the intent to renovate the famous party boat as part of a major expansion of the restaurant/bar. Beavers manager Mike Shepherd says those plans will not be affected by Monday’s near-tragedy. He said ice is the suspected culprit in the event, but the boat has been stabilized.
Shepherd confirmed the plan is to begin updating and renovating the Captain Larry Don this spring.
“It’ll be fine,” he said. “It’s all metal anyways, so it’ll work out fine.”

FOR MORE HISTORY ON LARRY DON'S "MAKEOVERS" GO TO (The Late) Mike Gillespie's History Page:  

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Arkansas Granny said...

Sad to see this picture. I have fond memories of "The Larry Don". It docked at Lone Oak Point Resort 3 times a week and picked up passengers. At that time My parents owned Lone Oak Point Resort, H.A. Klee and Maude Klee. Nice to know plans continue.