Thursday, November 7, 2013


JUNE 20, 1966 - VIETNAM

COAST GUARD CUTTER POINT LEAGUE FORCES VIET CONG TRAWLER AGROUND: The 82-foot U.S. Coast Guard Cutter POINT LEAGUE stands off watching the burning 100-foot steel Viet Cong trawler that the cutter forced aground near the village of Ba Dong, So. Viet Nam, during several hours of gun battle to keep the enemy from entering Co Chien River on June 20, 1966.  Fire began with an explosion on board the trawler at 6:15 a.m., and was extinguished at 2:00 p.m. by Coast Guard and Vietnamese crews.  Salvage crews removed an estimated 250 tons of arms and supplies which the trawler attempted to infiltrate to Viet Cong ground forces.  When the encounter occurred the POINT LEAGUE was on routine patrol near the Co Chien River, about 80 miles southeast of Saigon.  Two sister Coast Guard 82-footers, POINT SLOCUM and POINT HUDSON, joined the battle against ground based Viet Cont attempting to cover for the trawler.  All three 82-footers are attached to Division 13 of U.S. Coast Guard Squadron One, based at Cat Lo, which is about 40 air miles southwest of Saigon.  The POINT LEAGUE was under the command of LTJG Robert J. Heid, USCG."

To Veterans of ALL branches of the Armed Forces

CGC Point Young (WPB 82303) display at CG Heritage Museum featuring
the hand carved, on deck,  Life Raft Cover from the Point Young
and the USCG Flag and Commissioning Pennant which was struck
when Point Young was turned over to Vietnam in March of 1970 in Da Nang

See May 27 Post for more details and background:

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