Monday, March 18, 2013

Thou Shalt Endeavor to NOT Launch Thy Truck -

 We all have a run of bad luck - - but it really hurts when you decide to take a Sunday and go fishing - - the weather is not the greatest - - some early morning sleet, snow and maybe a little fog - - but thats OK, 'cause we're "gonna go fishing"-!  We hop in the nice bright red Toyota Quad-cab with the Ranger Bass boat hooked on behind and head for the ramp - - - (At this point, I have no idea how events unfolded but I do know the end result) - - OOOPS - - "Teaching your Toyota to Swim" - - usually ends badly - - -
After tow cable from Wrecker is attached, The Toyota pick-up just begins to break the surface
Diver Tim McNItt checks the vehicle and trailer as it is eased up the ramp
A little after 4:00 p.m. Sunday, we received call from Missouri Conservation Officer, Tyler Brown who happened to be at the Larry Gale Access in the Big Niangua when the Toyota decided to take a Polar Bear Plunge - - He contacted us for assistance.  Just under 2 hours later - the truck and trailer were out of the water and headed to Camdenton lot.   Assistance was provided by Tim McNitt, Atlantis Dive, TowBoatU.S. Captain's Dave Anderson & Delton Jones, A-1 Thomas Wrecker Service and Missouri Department of Conservation and Missouri State Highway Patrol.

NOTE:  Boat Launch Ramps are inherently "slick", when you combine wet conditions, and low lake levels which expose more of the slick and mossy covered ends of the ramp which are usually in much deeper water - - they become even more slippery - - USE CAUTION when launching and recovering your boat - - during low water times - - you might want to carry some extra sand or other methods to increase traction on the ramp - - -  (it also helps to insure vehicle is in "park" when you exit it - -)

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