Monday, December 12, 2011


On a recent cold weather call - - Our 24 ft X USCG Justice Class TowBoat had a close encounter of the best kind - - It seems that Santa just happened to be making a pre-Christmas test flight near the state park in the Glaize Arm  - his sleigh appeared to be grossly overloaded and there was no doubt he would soon be making an unscheduled water landing - the look of panic in the struggling Reindeer eyes was easily read by our Towboat Captain.  He carefully maneuvered the TowBoat under the slowly descending sleigh and as the runners touched down on the deck of the TowBoat, the Reindeer were able to compose themselves and stay just off the water as the TowBoat supported the heavy sleigh.  Santa said not a word, but looked at our captain with a huge grin and twinkling eye - - He motioned to two panicked elves who were cowering in the back of the sleigh and directed them to offload some objects from the sleigh - - Twin VERADO 200's were quickly dropped on the deck - - Santa gave the reins a slight tap - looked back and waved as the Reindeer quickly ascended with the now much lighter sleigh - BELIEVE! - MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!

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