Tuesday, December 14, 2010

No Branson Belle, but - - -

On a cold and blustery Sunday December 12,  Capt TIm McNitt of Atlantis Dive, along with TowBoatU.S. Lake of the Ozarks, re-floated and secured a 1995, 16ft DONZI Runabout that had sunk near its home dock in Osage Beach.  The boat was on a lift which had apparently leaked down and caused the stern of the boat to slip back in to the water.  The boat which was now balanced half on and half off the lift was not secured.  A neighbor who had contacted the owner attempted to get the boat back on the lift, but failed as the stern area had already taken on water and the boat slipped in to the lake stern first and went under.  The bow bobbed back to the surface and the sunken boat drifted away in the wind.  Captain Tim McNitt arrived moments later and with the help of the neighbor and his Bass Boat, went after the vessel and quickly towed it back and secured it to a dock until he could bring recovery equipment to the scene.

Little Donzi awaits recovery

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