Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Not that anyone cares, but I have been out of circulation for awhile - and have fallen miserably behind in making any posts - - primarily due to my extended absence (Mid September thru Mid November) working at the farm (often referred to as the "Funny Farm") - - .  First, I want to thank the steadfast & stalwart crew who kept things running smoothly here at the lake while I was away; Captain's Delton Jones, Dwayne Johnson and Dave Anderson along with Captain Tim McNitt of Atlantis Dive - -.  They ran over 50 cases during this time (compared to 33 cases in 2009 over the same period) and had no major problems - - with the exception of burning up the port engine on the 24ft Whaler - - due to faulty part, luckily, the motor was fully covered under warranty - -.  Most of their cases were fairly routine, typical breakdowns, out of fuel and dead batteries.  Their biggest drawback, was that NONE of them managed to photograph ANY of their cases - - which means I have to use a little imagination in describing their accomplishments  - - -  :)  Captain's Jones and Johnson did have a couple of "Soft Groundings" one of which was routine - - the other not so much - - On October 15, 2010, Capt Johnson was dispatched to the 77 mile mark to re-float a grounded 30 ft Boston Whaler, (we often refer to cases up there as The Lost Lands - - see June post Back in Time)  Johnson departed knowing full well that strange things happen up there, but he headed out on the 120 mile roundtrip without hesitation  -.  After dodging numerous "mud flats" and keeping a sharp lookout for any sign of pending danger - - remember,  he claims to have been abducted by aliens up there several years ago - - (still has that pesky rash)  - - He arrives safely on scene to find the "whaler" smartly parked in the mud, some 75 yards from his closest possible location - - he was faced with a bit of a dilemma - - he had to get a line to the vessel - - the weather, though not bad was still a bit chilly and he was not looking forward making the 3 hour trip back in wet clothing - - what to do?  Putting modesty aside - he began to strip down to his "undies" - - while doing so, a strange feeling came over him, - at first he thought it might be the "aliens" trying to re-capture him, but he had on his "tin foil" hat and was sure they couldn't track him -  - suddenly he felt a strange sense of great strength, coupled with the feeling "he could fly"!  (Apparently the "LOST LAND" rumors are true)!  CAPTAIN JOHNSON suddenly morphed in to "CAPTAIN UNDIES"!  THE GREAT PROTECTOR OF WAYWARD, LOST and GROUNDED MARINERS!   Yes, our hero, to the amazement of the couple on board the stranded vessel, effortlessly flew the towline to the vessel with great fanfare - - !  Yes it is true, though we have no photographic proof of this strange event, the two witnesses on the stranded boat provided us with some detail and the woman passenger was able to describe CAPTAIN UNDIES in great detail to our artist who has provided a rendering:

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