Monday, May 10, 2010

Playing Catch Up! -

Not that anyone cares, but I have fallen a little behind and have not posted for several weeks.  Spent the last two weeks + at the farm, but Captain's Johnson, Jones, Anderson and McNitt held down the fort and responded to several interesting cases:
Captain Johnson made a run up to the 70 mile mark to un-ground a stranded Bass boat Tournament fisherman, who hadn't bothered to check the lake level readings while headed for his favorite spot at high speed and smartly placed himself on a mud bar - - Not a member, 3 and a 1/2 hours later, plus a un-grounding fee - -  he hopes he wins the next tournament.

Later on April 30, Captain's Johnson and McNitt recovered a partially sunken (Port pontoon flooded) Smokercraft Pontoon Boat at the 23 m/m.  High wind the day before had ripped it loose from it's mooring and banged it around pretty hard flooding the port "toon".  It was stabilized with lift bags and towed 3 miles to the ramp for haul-out.

On May 4, Captain Johnson assisted another disabled Smokercraft Pontoon at the 12 m/m.  Drifting in a stiff wind towards a rock bluff with NO anchor.  We requested the assistance of a near-by Missouri State Water Patrol boat to hold him off the rocks while Captain Johnson made the 8 mile trip and took over the tow.  A lucky (and grateful) BoatUS member he was safely back at his mooring and decided to invest in an ANCHOR!  Thanks to MSWP Water Patrol Officer Sander's (#1275) for the assist.

On May 5, Captain Johnson and Captain Steve Coursey from Atlantis Dive did a voluntary Re-po of a 31ft Maxum.  They ran in to a few complications when the boat was lowered in to the water, it began taking on water due to poor winterization.  They were able to plug the leak and took aboard an extra pump for the 9 mile tow for Haul-Out.

Captain's Jones and Anderson also made a few routine runs during my absence.  (There were also some rumors circulating around that they wished I would stay at the farm - --???)

More to come -

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