Tuesday, May 11, 2010

CATCH UP II - (Sounds like a good boat name)

ABANDONED? - A SIGN OF THE TIMES? -  Shortly after my return to the lake (much to the disappointment of Capt Johnson), we received a call from the Water Patrol to take custody of a 2006, 30 ft Crownline cruiser - - "Excuse me officer?  You DID say abandoned?"   Apparently this cruiser was owned by and left in a slip that belonged to a condo that had been foreclosed on and sold to another owner.  The boat was never removed and the new owner wanted the vessel OUT of  "his " slip, he contacted the WP and they determined it had been left there by the previous owner. They put a 48 hr "move it or get it towed" sticker on it, since know one claimed it or moved it. They (WP) could not reach or locate the last "registered" owner and could find no lienholder -  - so - come and get it!  When we arrived to pick it up, it had been on a lift and was lowered in to the water prior to our arrival.  Batteries were dead and no shore power, it also appeared it was NOT winterized, so it may have some issues - sure enough, after plugging in a "jump pack" so the engine hatch could be raised, the bilge pumps kick on immediately and when the engine hatch raised we discover water pouring in through the freeze broken engine cooling strainers!!  We shut off the valves and proceeded to tow it to Marina and haul it out for safety.  We knew SOMEONE was looking for this one, just not sure who?  After obtaining a "title abstract" from the USCG Documentation Office, we were able to locate and notify the leinholder.  They will be picking it up VERY soon.

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