Sunday, April 4, 2010

Let's See - uhhh- The "pointy" end is the- BOW? and the right side is - - - -"

WoW!  thank the Gods for April - - - after a very long winter, I was about to go back to the Maritime Academy for a refresher course in B -O-A-T - - when the sun comes out - the temps go up  - and WALLA!  We pick up a couple of cases!

This 23ft Regal was the victim of a tree falling on its dock last winter - which took out a major portion of the windshield.  The dock roof damage also caused it to "funnel" rain water right in to the boat - which resulted in it taking on a substantial amount of water - with no power on dock and no one home - the water got up over the motor, etc.  Not discovered for some time - the damage (and vessel age)  may make it beyond a reasonable fix.  We picked her up yesterday and made our first HST (High Speed Tow) for the 12 mile trip to the marina - -

HST in the Rear View Mirror - Headed for the Barn -

We then picked up our second case in the Big Niangua, a newly purchased, "just launched" 23 ft Pro-Line that just didn't quite make it home.   Ahhh - Ain't Boating Great?   

AND WE'RE OFF - - - !   I HOPE

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