Wednesday, February 24, 2010

MADD awards Water Patrol Officers in Marine Field Sobriety test study

February 22, 2010,  Osage Beach, MO reports:  (click on title below)

MADD honors Water Patrol participation in case study on marine field sobriety tests

It was a small token of thanks Robbie Pace-Courtright was able to give. But it was enough.
A volunteer with 
Mothers Against Drunk Driving, Pace - Courtright thanked the Missouri State Water Patrol officers as she handed them each an award for their participation this past summer in a case study on marine field sobriety tests.
“It’s an honor to my brother,” Pace-Courtright added.
Her brother was killed by a drunk driver.  - - - 

The four Lake of the Ozarks officers, Eric Mueller, Dustin Metzner, Scott Lance and Dean Bartlett (not pictured) were recognized for their efforts in the case study  funded by the U.S. Coast Guard and managed by the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA).  The study by the Southern California Research Institute took place over the boating season last year.  The results will be evaluated by NASBLA in conjunction with the USCG and results will be published some time later this year.  The study will be one of the agenda items at a NASBLA meeting next month.

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