Thursday, August 20, 2009

A work in Progress - GO MIZZOU!

Back in mid July I had an "off  subject" post regarding our 2009, 10 acre Corn Maze at the Pumpkin Farm.  Click HERE for the "Amazing"July post.  Last Wednesday evening and most of the day on Thursday (8-13-09) myself, Kirk Fischer and one of our trusty Maze Mowers, Jeff Hutsler took on the job of cleaning the trails and details of the maze which had grown up considerably due to all the rain we had over the past month.  I had contacted our neighbor, Tim Gunther, chief pilot of HELISAT, Helicopter Services and Technologies, LLC (click here for HELISAT site).  They make regular test and training flights over the farm and will sometimes  snap some picts for us.  As we were trying to get the maze cleaned up and trimmed for the formal aerial shot, I thought we might get an early shot to insure we hadn't missed anything.  I called Thursday while Jeff an I were in the maze, armed with "machetes" trimming and cleaning the trails and cutouts, so happened he was headed out on a flight when I called.  The photo shows the maze partially cleaned out, the white "speck" near middle of the old style helmet on the left is me and Jeff - red shirt- (can barely be seen by zooming in closely) just below me on the same trail - -.  As you can see by comparing the original concept drawing and the near finished product - it truly is a "Precision Maze" - - 


PAT said...

Good morning!
I would like to post this photo on my blog. My readers would love seeing it. I would give proper credit for the photo and mention the Fall events at Eagle Fork.

To do this, I will need your permission.

My E-mail:

Jim and I continue to enjoy reading your blog.

Charles Meyer said...

PAT - thanks for the interest and please use the pict with credits - we are also updating the Farm website to reflect the upcoming season with information and pictures - please visit - Thanks for helping to get the word out - charlie

Charles Meyer said...

NOTE: WE HAVE ALSO STARTED A "BLOG" FOR THE PUMPKIN FARM OPERATION - It is easier and faster to put things up on the blog then the website - the NEW blog can be found at : as we have just thrown it up today, we hope to have features and photos from last fall along with new things as the 2009 season opens - - thanks - Charlie & laura