Saturday, August 22, 2009

Tuesday August 18 thru Friday night (8-21)

Tuesday yielded a HST from the 18 mile mark to the 26 for a 21ft 1984 Sea Ray.  Water was calm and no traffic, so we high tailed it to the cozy cove ramp for haul-out.  Wednesday brought a quick "dock to dock" of a 26 ft "go fast" (not), catamaran with blown lower unit for haul-out.  Thursday evening brought Capt Dave a BUI tow and impound out of the Linn Creek port.   Friday the pace picked up slightly with a Sea Ray disabled @ the 20 mile mark, Capt Jones picked them up and towed them to the 26 mile for haul-out, Friday evening produced a BUI tow/pilot at the 18 mile mark to home dock @ the 10 mile.  In all not to exciting - but we'll take what we get one day at a time - -   
PHOTO:  21 ft Sea Ray in HST for the 26 mile - beautiful day - -!

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