Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Weekend UPDATE (6/26-28/09)

Don't know how it ranked on a National level, but here, in spite of mid 90 temps, super humidity and pop-up storms - we had a very busy weekend with over 16 cases, including our BUI check point jobs.  For us, on a pre 4th of July weekend, it was quite busy.  Traditionally, the weekend BEFORE the 4th is pretty slow - - -.  We had our first of the season unfortunate drowning here on this lake over the weekend in Party Cove.  Fortunately the numbers are way down compared to last year.  Our cases for the most part were routine tows, out of fuel and jumpstarts.   Not much to brag about and not to many pictures.  
Did have one minor incident in which operator may have lost control of his 31 ft BAJA approaching his dock.  According to the Water Patrol news release - "Subjects were heading toward their dock when operator made a sharp right turn throwing him into (his passenger). Seeing that they where going to hit a dock (passenger) turned the wheel and was ejected out of the boat." 
The person thrown overboard refused treatment and there were some "co-operation" issues with the 5 responding Water Patrol officers, which then led to some arrests and the vessel was impounded by us.  I think the entire incident was compounded by the extreme heat and humidity which led to short fuses.  - - 

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