Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Changing colors of WAR -

Things have quieted down since the weekend and the weather has been producing rainy days.  I picked up a very short tow on Monday afternoon, a 27ft BaJa with engine failure for a quick 1 mile tow to the dealership marina - thats been it.  I thought I would make a "rainy day" flashback to sunny Southeast Asia.  My last SQUADRON ONE post, prior to the memorial posts was on May 12.  I noted on the end of that post the cutters were still sporting their stateside white paint and were engaged in combat duties immediately after their arrival on July 20, 1965.  As late as September of 1965 the RONONE boats were still in white paint as shown in the panel of the Point Young (WPB 82303) raising the VC junk that had attempted to ram the Point Glover.  Shortly after that all the cutters were re-painted their new battle gray. The second panel is an unknown cutter being converted to it's new color.  They were now (and had already been) WARSHIPS - - 

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