Monday, February 23, 2009

History shall repeat itself - - - "Winterize" thy boat - or not!

1990, 350 Sea Ray -
Well, yesterday, once again the impossible has happened!  How can it be impossible and still keep happening?  Oh Yeah, I forgot;
Rocket Science lesson #1 - Boat - Boat floats in water - Boat motor is cooled, when running, by water under boat which is pumped through hole in bottom of boat, through valve (with shutoff), through strainer (with large plexiglas bowl), keeps large critters out of pump - through pump and out exhaust, back in to sea / lake. 

Rocket Science lesson #2 - Water in which boat is floating FREEZES in winter, (ya think)  - - strainer and valve (left open by person paid to "winterize " boat, Harvard Grad or equal) is below waterline - -? (definition of waterline is in Rocket Science lesson #25) resulting in full strainer bowl FREEZING - - -, expands, breaks plexiglas (or equal) strainer bowl and WALLLAA!!!  Bilge pumps are also frozen and the FREAKING BOAT SINKS!  


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