Sunday, December 14, 2008


We get a large number of "drift aways" on the lake, in this case we were called in to assist one of our Missouri State Water Patrol (MSWP) officers in rounding up a stray PWC that had broken loose from its mooring and was being pounded against a seawall by wind and wakes.  Our officer was unable to get close enough with his 28 ft DONZI Patrol Boat to rescue the stray, so he called us in.  He set his boat adrift and jumped aboard the "Point Young" and set about to "lasso that little doggie".
We now have photographic proof that many of our MSWP Officers are in fact "Cowboys"!!!

We retrieved the stray and took it in to custody and quickly took the officer back to his boat before it too became a beach ornament - - - The PWC was returned to its owner the following day.

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